The first day of summer was this past Tuesday. Summer living means the kids are done with school and you may finally have time to lie by the pool and break out the BBQ. With the Houston humidity, fun in the sun might not be your first choice for a good time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out in the evenings when temperatures cool down a teeny bit. Summer is a great time to perfect your golf swing so you can become the next Rory McIlroy or Phil Mickelson.

Like they say, practice makes perfect. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing for years, constantly working at your craft is what leads to major improvements to your golf game. While each person’s swing is different, start off with the basics and then make slight adjustments as needed from there. We’ll go step-by-step to help you make sure your golf swing looks nothing like Charles Barkley’s.

Everybody can see that my swing is homegrown. That means everybody has a chance to do it.” – Bubba Watson

Starting Stance

The first key to a solid golf swing is balance and posture. Stand over the ball with your legs shoulder-width apart. As you grip your golf club, push your hips back, bend over slightly, and flex your knees a bit.

Beginning Motion

Now that you’re squared up, it’s time to begin your swing. Your right arm should stay close to your right side as you begin your swing. As your golf club passes your right leg, you should begin shifting your weight to the right.

Disclaimer: the tips in this blog are for right-handed golfers. If you’re a lefty, flip-flop everything and you’re set.

My swing, I believe, while not technically perfect, I know, and it’s not going to get me hurt.” – Jordan Spieth

Halfway Back

As your weight continues to move to the right, continue the trajectory of your swing until you reach a 90-degree angle. When your swing reaches this point, your left arm should be a bit higher than your right arm. Use your shoulders and hips for support as you are going through the motion.

At the Top

At the apex of your swing, your hips should be turned half as far as your shoulders. You should feel ready to spring towards your target at this point.

Halfway Down

As your downswing begins, use your lower body as the foundation. A lateral shift should occur at this step where your left knee and hip move over your left foot.

Impact Time

Ladies and gentlemen, brace for impact! As your swing approaches the ball, make sure that your left side straightens as your right side moves forward.

 I think the golf swing is all about rotation, all about trying to keep the club on plane” – Tiger Woods


A sound golf swing should include a nice follow-through. After you’ve made contact with the ball, follow through with both hands extended, your right knee kicking inward, and your left leg straight.

 Swing YOUR swing” – Arnold Palmer


Keep your momentum going so your hands rest behind your head. At the end of your swing, your right foot should be on its toes with your body weight transferred to your left heel.

 It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it” – Jack Nicklaus

There you have it! A mechanically sound and consistent golf swing. While an explanation helps, this video should help put into motion the basics we’ve covered. Getting the mechanics down isn’t easy, but keep at it and it’ll become natural in no time! Like golf legend Arnold Palmer expressed, personalize your swing so it works for you. Stay tuned for a blog down the road where we offer some tips on perfecting your tennis swing!

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