5 Halloween Costumes to Make You the Hit of Any Party

Happy Halloween to all of our dear readers out there! We hope your house is decked out with creepy decorations and that your candy bowl is stocked to the brim with enough candy for all of the cute little trick-or-treaters that come your way tonight (and enough for you to sneak a couple of pieces too). Hopefully you have a costume picked out for your Halloween plans, but if not, here are a couple of our favorite DIY Halloween costume tutorials. The best part? They all feature characters known for their hands. (You had to know we’d go there. We are hand surgeons, after all!) Intrigued? Keep reading to check out our list.

Edward Scissorhands

First up on our list is none other than the iconic barber himself. After all, his scissored-hands are his most famous attribute (aside from his barber skills, of course). Learn how to make the perfect copycat costume, from the safety-pinned suspenders right down to the legendary blades and shears.

Captain Hook

Next up is one of the most vicious Disney villains around…the one and only Captain Hook! This costume has everything from the feathered hat to the velvet coat to the menacing hook. The tutorial is for a children’s costume, but it could easily be adapted for an adult. Who says only kids can dress up like Disney characters?


Do we have any X-Men fans out there? Impress all your friends with your DIY Wolverine costume. The claws are the most important part, of course (and there’s a great how-to video in the link in the previous sentence), but don’t forget the hair gel. You can’t rock the Wolverine look without styling your ‘do a la Hugh Jackman.

Mega Man

It’s time to get nostalgic…here’s a throwback to the 90s. The famous Mega Man you all know and love, complete with the blaster gun! This is a really fun costume to put together—you just need to be a bit resourceful. The team in the tutorial even goes so far as to add LED lights to make it more realistic, which is pretty awesome if you ask us.

Freddy Krueger

We’re saving the creepiest for last. You didn’t think we’d end our famous-hands Halloween costume list without mentioning Freddy Krueger, did you? You can find the instructions on making the iconic gloves here, and a tutorial for a lookalike Freddy sweater here. Don’t forget the fedora!

Some of these costumes might be a little too detailed to throw together last minute, but you could always make tweaks to make them a bit more simple. Or hey, you could get a headstart on next year’s costume! What other characters are famous for their hands? Let us know if we left off your favorite. If you dress up like any of our characters listed above, send us a picture! We might just feature you on our Facebook page. Enjoy your costume-crafting, scary-movie-watching, candy-eating Halloween!

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