5 Secrets for a Perfect Handstand

If you just didn’t quite master the perfect handstand when you were a kid and your mom made you take gymnastics lessons, that’s okay. Sure, the thought of inverting your entire body and putting all of your weight on just your hands and wrists is a little daunting. But our tips can help you not only learn how to do an impressive handstand, they can also help you protect yourself from injuries. So when you bowl a turkey and feel the need to celebrate or your team just scored the game-winning goal and you’re so excited you just can’t contain yourself, feel free to fall into that perfect handstand—and feel confident in knowing that any bystanders are sure to be impressed. 

If you’ve never done a handstand before, or at least, haven’t ever successfully done a handstand, you might feel a little overwhelmed about where to begin. This article does a thorough job of breaking down the basics, from warming up your wrists to avoid injuries, to all the steps you need to know to actually do a handstand in the first place. Now, onto the five tips you need to help perfect that beautiful handstand of yours!

Find Your Balance

One thing that deters a lot of people from learning how to do a handstand is the simple fear of falling awkwardly. Working on maintaining a good balance while inverted can help you lessen your chance of a crash landing. Breaking Muscle suggests spreading your fingers out as if you were playing the piano to help create a more stable foundation for your handstand. Picking a focus point to direct your attention to can also help you balance better. Breaking Muscle also provides a handy (hehe, get it?) graphic to show you where you should be putting pressure on your fingers and palms.

Work on Your Bail

Sure, bailing out of a handstand can be scary when you’re a beginner, especially if you haven’t been properly trained on how to do so. But learning how to bail sure beats that moment of panic when you unexpectedly lose balance and ungracefully fall out of the handstand—and not to mention the injuries that can happen when you fall in an unsafe way. Fit For Real Life offers a quick video to show you how to get out of a handstand safely.

Exercise Your Wrists

Think about it—you’re putting all of your body weight onto your wrists, arms, and shoulders. It’s not surprising that handstands can be related to wrist pain, especially if your wrists are somewhat inflexible to begin with. The key to avoiding wrist pain while still practicing your newfound talent? Wrist exercises. Chris Salvato showcases a few strengthening exercises to help you protect your wrists and prevent injuries.

Warm up before Your Handstand

This point goes hand-in-hand with point number three, but you can guess by our professions that we believe it’s important. Always, always, always warm up before attempting to do a handstand (or any exercise-related activity, for that matter). When your body isn’t ready for the strain and pressure caused by a handstand, you make yourself susceptible to injury. Prevention is key! Nerd Fitness provides a list of a few exercises to get your body warmed up and ready to handstand the day away.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It would be nice if there were one quick and easy trick to help you deliver the perfect handstand with little effort, but like anything in life, practice makes perfect. Check out this article, also from Nerd Fitness, which offers some tips on how to achieve the best handstand possible. (If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll especially enjoy this article—it offers plenty of sage advice from Yoda.)

You don’t have to be a yogi or an Olympic gymnast to master a great looking handstand. All it takes is good balance, strong wrists, and lots of practice. Play it smart with the tips we’ve given you above and you’ll impress your friends in no time. Happy handstanding!

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