The Best Ever Handshakes from Movies and TV

How many times could we tell you that handshakes are an integral part of our world as we know it? From business to culture to etiquette, handshakes play a major role in our lives. We could talk about their importance all day long, but you’d probably get tired of us sounding like a broken record. So today, while we’re still talking about handshakes, we’re going with a much more fun spin on the topic than what we normally write about. Have you ever seen a cool, iconic handshake from a movie and wished that you and your friends could create one that was just as revolutionary as that of your favorite characters? We know the feeling. We’ve come up with a list of six of our favorite handshakes found in Hollywood. Which one is your favorite? 


It might be hard to find a pair of best friends like this one. Thick as thieves may be an understatement here, and Troy and Abed have the perfect go-to handshake to prove it. It’s simple, yet dependable, and one you’ll see throughout the series as their friendship continues to grow and evolve. Want to adopt this handshake as your own? Tap twice on your chest with your left hand while simultaneously tapping your mate’s right hand, and there you have it.

School of Rock

When Jack Black’s character, Dewey Finn, successfully recruits student Lawrence for his ragtag band, he teaches him a secret handshake as an initiation of sorts into the group. The handshake helps the insecure student feel like he’s a part of something—it gives him a sense of community and purpose. Check out the clip of the shake here, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to say “let’s rock, let’s rock today.”

Hey Arnold!

Perhaps one of the greatest cartoon friendships of the 90s, Arnold and Gerald often find themselves in the midst of adventures and sticky situations. They’ve got their infamous handshake they use whenever the situation calls for it—as a greeting, as a goodbye, just for fun…you name it. Want to channel your inner Arnold and Gerald? Just bump fists and wiggle your thumb. Handshake sound effects required.

A Walk to Remember

In this tragic romance movie, friends Landon and Eric hit a rough spot in their friendship after a falling out. When Landon finds himself in a heartbreaking situation, Eric shows up to let Landon know that he can always count on him. The first time they perform their handshake after their fight, it acts as a bit of a truce, a symbol of forgiveness and true friendship. When it all comes down to it, Landon and Eric will always be there for each other.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Another iconic duo from the 90s—Will and Jazz. Throughout the show, this handshake was extremely memorable and with each instance, our love for Will and Jazz’s friendship grew a little more. Check out this compilation video. Six seasons’ worth of the famous quirky friendship? Yes please.

The Parent Trap

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is probably the most iconic of them all. For those who haven’t seen the movie (and that’s really a shame if you haven’t), two twins who were separated at a young age, each raised by one of their parents, reunite at a summer camp. They come up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea of switching places so that each girl can get to know the parent raising the other twin. In so doing, they must learn each other’s mannerisms, habits, and quirks to make sure the switch goes off without a hitch. Hallie, one of the twins, has to learn the secret handshake between Annie, the other twin, and her beloved butler, Martin. It’s one of the most memorable and classic handshakes of all time, in our opinion! Find a step-by-step tutorial to master the handshake here.

Forgive us for being a little cheesy, but we hope this post inspires you to create your own memorable handshake with your best friend. Of course, that may be a little more difficult if you’re struggling with Dupuytren’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, or some other hand or wrist condition. But don’t worry—if there’s one thing we’ve learned in writing this blog post, it’s that good friends always have each other’s backs…and we’ve certainly got yours. If you need a helping hand (pun intended), give us a call today.

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