Endoscopic Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger occurs when a tendon is constricted by its sheath—a channel of ligament and other tissues through which it moves as the finger is flexed. Left untreated, the constriction that causes trigger finger can compromise the blood supply to the tendon. It is important for our Houston surgeons to release the compressed tendon with trigger finger surgery before this happens and necrosis (tissue death) occurs.

The surgeons at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas enjoy a 95 percent success rate in resolving trigger finger with an endoscopic procedure that usually takes no more than 5 minutes and is virtually pain-free.

To perform an endoscopic trigger finger release, the surgeon makes two tiny incisions, one at the base of the finger and one in the palm of the hand, for insertion of a camera-assisted scope to guide the procedure. The tendon sheath is located and a blade is used to sever some of the tissue that forms the roof of the sheath, restoring smooth movement to the tendon.

Recovery is rapid, with most people resuming normal activity within seven days.