How To Protect Your Hands When Doing Crossfit

Crossfit is an increasingly popular workout club that focuses on high-intensity sessions to increase muscle strength and improve overall body position. Because Crossfit includes Olympic-style weight lifting, as well as other exercises that can potentially damage your hands, we’ve included a few tips and recommendations for you to have productive and safe workout sessions:

Wrist Injuries

There is an increased risk of wrist injuries when it comes to performing exercises like deadlifts, cleans, and bench press, among others.

The best way to prevent wrist injuries is proper technique. The best practice is to keep your wrists in a neutral position, without any degree of wrist flexion. Any real degree of wrist flexion or extension decreases its stability and strength, and continued stress on the wrist can lead to tendinitis, wrist sprains, cartilage tears, and muscle strain.

To help you maintain proper wrist position, use athletic tape, boxing wrist wraps, or weight lifting wraps to keep the hand in a neutral position.


Because of the nature of crossfit exercises, there is no way to prevent growing callouses on your hands. However, it is really important to keep the callouses low so as to prevent them from tearing.

To keep your callouses low, you can file them with a pumice stone or a callous shaver right after taking a shower, when your skin is still soft and malleable. Don’t forget to apply generous amounts of lotion to keep your hands well moisturized

Hand Tears

When it comes to hand tears, prevention is key. The first step is to remove or lower your callouses so that they don’t catch and tear as you move your hands around the bar.

The next step is to use chalk. Chalk provides a barrier between your skin and textured bars, and it also absorbs excess moisture from sweat. When using chalk, remember that less is more, you don’t want to create too much friction between your hands and the bar.

Another great way to prevent hand tears is by wearing grips. Whether you prefer leather grips, gloves, or creating your own grips out of tape, this is an efficient way to protect your hands from tearing.

Remember that when performing Crossfit you should be supervised by certified Crossfit trainers. It is also a good idea to consult a doctor before beginning your Crossfit workouts.


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