Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Specialist in Houston, TX

The hand and wrist specialists at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas are your go-to carpal tunnel syndrome specialists in Houston, offering expert diagnosis and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

We are proud to introduce an innovative carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Houston that features:

Minimally invasive approach
Same-day procedure
10-minute treatment time
A remarkable 98% success rate


Carpal Tunnel SyndromeOur “No Stitch” Endoscope Procedure


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Alternative Open Procedure


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What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition characterized by hand and arm pain, numbness, and other carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Essentially, it is a pinched nerve in the wrist, predominantly affecting individuals over 40 and those engaged in activities that induce wrist tissue inflammation. The syndrome is more treatable today, allowing patients to swiftly return to their normal lives.


Carpal tunnel syndrome in Houston is often an overuse syndrome, with assembly line workers, musicians, and others involved in repetitive hand motions being the most susceptible. Factors such as obesity and gender also play a role in the development of this syndrome.

Signs & Symptoms

The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include numbness or tingling in specific fingers and severe nighttime pain. In advanced cases, patients may experience permanent sensation loss and muscle shrinkage at the thumb base.

  • Pain in the wrist during flexing
  • Severe nighttime pain
  • Weak grip
  • Tingling or numbness in specific fingers
  • Referred pain in the arm, neck, and shoulder
  • Occasional clumsiness, dropping items

Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome involves a series of tests, including electromyograms and hand manipulation, to provoke symptoms and assess the pressure on the median nerve. Combining these tests with patient history enables a diagnosis and points toward the most effective treatment options.

Once CTS is diagnosed, depending on severity and the time elapsed since onset, one or more therapies may be recommended, including stretching exercises, reduction in the movements that exacerbate the condition, oral NSAIDs, and/or cortisone shots.

If symptoms continue unabated for six months or more, surgery should be considered.

Timing is important. People who decide to put up with the pain and limited movement for too long risk muscle atrophy that can lead to more weakness and poorer recovery from the postponed surgery.

Traditionally, the Open Carpal Tunnel Release procedure, wherein a 3–4 inch incision is made into the base of the palm, has been the procedure of choice.

However, the physicians at the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offer the No-Stitch Carpal Tunnel Release, an innovative surgical treatment for CTS that is minimally invasive. We have performed this minimally invasive No-Stitch procedure thousands of times over the last 15 years, with a success rate that matches that of the Open CTR procedure, but with fewer side effects.

Our surgeons have perfected the arthroscopic No-Stitch release for carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve entrapment conditions. It is a same-day procedure that takes just 10 minutes.


Choosing our “No Stitch” release for your carpal tunnel syndrome treatment promises a minimally invasive procedure with little to no scarring. Patients can generally resume normal activities within about three weeks.


The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers diagnosis and treatment for hand, wrist, and elbow problems in Houston, using the most advanced and minimally invasive medical techniques. Our orthopedic hand specialists and hand and finger surgeons are waiting to provide you with excellent care at one of our hand care centers in River Oaks, Webster, North Houston, Katy/Sugarland, or Baytown

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