Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Specialist in Houston, TX

When it comes to playing sports, injuries happen. The highly trained hand and wrist specialists at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries that affect the wrist, hand, and fingers. Call (713) 322-0054 to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Houston, Baytown, or Katy, Texas.

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What Are Considered Sports Injuries?

Some of the most common sports injuries that affect the hand and wrist include boutonniere deformity, bowler’s thumb, boxer’s fracture, handlebar palsy, and skier’s thumb. Read about conditions our Houston offices treat below.

Boutonniere Deformity

Boutonniere deformity injuries can be considered acute (occurred within a 6-week period) or chronic (happened beyond 6 weeks ago).

Boutonniere deformity can occur to any finger and affects both the middle and the distal (fingertip) joint. The finger takes the appearance of being bent because the tendon that lifts the finger becomes injured, stretched, or torn.

If you come to the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas, your hand doctor in Houston will splint the finger if the hand sports injury occurred recently. However, sometimes surgery is needed to fix the problem, especially if it is chronic (happened longer than 6 weeks ago).

Bowler’s Thumb

person-bowlingBowler’s thumb is a hand sports injury treated by our Houston hand doctors. It’s caused by the compression of the ulnar nerve on the inside of the thumb. The symptoms of this injury include numbness and tingling in the thumb, pain on the inner thumb, and weakness while performing activities that include the thumb.

This injury is associated with bowling because it is often caused by a tight-fitting thumb hole in the bowling bowl.

Boxer’s Fracture

Boxer’s fracture is a hand sports injury in our Houston patients that often occurs when a punch is delivered with improper technique or while not wearing protective gear, like boxing gloves. A boxer’s fracture refers to a break in the bones of the hand that form the knuckles, also known as the metacarpal bones.

The main symptoms of boxer’s fracture are pain and tenderness in the joints affected, swelling and bruising around the joints, and a snapping or popping sensation when the break occurs.

It’s advised to see a hand surgeon within at most a week after the injury.

Handlebar Palsy

Handlebar palsy, or cyclist palsy, is technically known as ulnar neuritis or ulnar neuropathy. This condition is a wrist and hand sports injury common among our Houston patients who are recurrent cyclists and mountain bikers.

This injury develops when the position of the hands over the handlebars of a bike place a lot of pressure on the ulnar nerve, which is a nerve that runs along the entire length of the arm. The constant vibrations from the road or trails can also contribute to the development of this injury.

The main symptoms of handlebar palsy are tingling and numbness from the forearm to the little finger, occasional arm pain, and weakness of grip.

Treatment begins with avoiding the triggers, such as adjusting the bicycle seat height and the wrist position when riding. If that doesn’t correct the problem, come see us for an examination.

Skier’s Thumb

Skier’s thumb is also known as ulnar collateral ligament tear, and it refers to the tearing of a ligament that normally stabilizes the thumb when grasping. The main symptoms of skier’s thumb are pain and weakness of the thumb when grasping objects.


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