Andrea Chabarria

If you ever need assistance with hand pain or migraines Dr. Khorsandi is your man. I went to him for persistent, nonstop head pain and that same day he also asked about my hands. I had explained my situation and he ordered a EMG straight away. After the conclusion he followed up with my report and we scheduled surgery my second visit.. a couple weeks later and I was absolutely cured from arm and hand pain. A few visits later we followed up a series of botox injections for my migraines which unfortunately didn’t work BUT he decided to keep fighting and TRULY wanted to help me. We scheduled migraine surgery for that Friday.. its been about a week and 3 days and I can say I’m truly impressed with him.. I’m cured. He’s hands down the best doctor you could ever go to. Please go see him; you won’t regret.

Tina FL

If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found him in Dr. Khorsandi! I cannot say enough of how awesome he truly is. Not only has he corrected each of my hand problems, he has recently performed surgery on my Mother, (in her 70s), with no stitches! Dr. Khorsandi is an excellent surgeon who listens to his patients, takes time to really explain intricate details of your condition, provides realistic expectations and is a very caring doctor with a sense of humor. He is highly recommended!

Lucky Me

I am very happy to have found this group. I had been having pain in my right wrist for about two years. I initially went to see another doctor who was suppose to have been the best, but I did not get any better and my hands continued to hurt that I was not able to work. I saw Dr Maximos and Dr, Dang and I couldn’t be happier. After the second visit, I was back to normal. I am very pleased. I can tell that everyone in the waiting room said great things about Dr. Maximos. I did not need surgery, but I talked to another patient who was in the office one week after her surgery and her hand looked completely healed already. I was amazed.

Katherine Everett

My right hand was unusable when I came to see Dr. Maximos. I had thumb arthritis that was so painful that none of the “ice” remedies I used worked. The pain was keeping me up at night. I spoke with a co-worker who had her thumb joint removed the year before by Dr. Maximos and had full use of her hand. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Maximos and decided to have the surgery — something I have never regretted. Within one week of the surgery, enough healing had occurred that the pain was substantially less than it had been before. Subsequent to surgery, I went to physical therapy and now (three months later) have almost 100% use of my hand. It gets better every day. The scar on my hand is barely visible.

Kristina Lingen

I have had two separate procedures done with Dr. Maximos and I cannot think of enough wonderful things to say. From the initial appointment he explains not only each step throughout the procedure, but also explains why he does each. He always made sure that I leave satisfied and without any questions. The only thing I would change would be to have seen him three years ago and saving myself years of pain and frustration. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is looking for a Hand Specialist or is considering surgery.

Jill Brewer

This facility is amazing from the sweet ladies in the front, the nurses and the doctors. You gave me my life back! I can sleep and function normally again. Thank you so much. The only regret I have is not visiting you sooner.

Jenny Lozano

I had a great experience with HSSH, the staff was very nice and Dr. Lopez took time to explain to me what was going on with my wrist, what to expect after surgery and he just is a great doctor. I would recommend him to anyone that had problems with their hands!

Pat B.

Dr. Lopez is the best. He is a no nonsense perfectionist, which is exactly what I wanted in a surgeon to fix my hand. In my first visit, a woman was literally bawling in their lobby because of the way this clinic had changed her life after a wrist surgery. That was pretty telling, but then I saw first hand that the doctors here don’t just want to patch people up, but want to get people as good as or better than they were before their injury.

Stephanie D.

I started in February of this year and had my nerve test done by Dr. Dang. Awesome guy! Loved his bedside manner. I then went on to have 2 carpel tunnel surgeries by Dr. Maximos. Another awesome guy! He did a great job and right out of the gate I had zero problems and instant relief. I highly recommend both of these doctors and Hand Surgery Specialists Of Texas. They really take good care of you.

Donna S.

Dr Maximos is one of the best doctors in Houston after 5 years my husband would suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and it seen like no one care. But dr. Maximos make us feel comfortable, I could honestly say my husband don’t hurt like before now we both can sleep better. Dr. Maximos is awesome thank you so much. Let’s not forget about his staff caring loving smart ladies. They get it done quick. Me and my husband are blessed. DS

A. W.

I’m very pleased with my doctor and overall management/friendliness of the staff. That’s the basis of this four star rating. Main complaint: my wait times occasionally. Waiting 45 minutes to an hour for an appointment that will last 15-20 minutes is too much. Leaving work to make most and overall, my time is also valuable.

Sara S.

Dr. Khorsandi- Dude is a badass. Dr. Dang is pretty awesome too. Did a nerve test that wasn’t scheduled so we wouldn’t have to come back before surgery as we live pretty far south of Houston. VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Carpal and cubital tunnel surgeries went very well. Staff is very knowledgable and accommodative. Don’t have any complaints and would definitely go back if the need arises. Office is nice and clean and wait times are not long. FOR THE WIN: THERE’S AN IRISH PUB IN THE STRIP. Will be back to wielding lightsabers in bacon jammies in no time. They gave me another link for a review, but never could get it to work.

Linda C.

The staff and doctors who work there are wonderful. They take care of you from the moment that you walk in. Wait time is very short and the doctor took his time and answered all my questions. It turned out I did not need surgery on my hand which was great news to me. After the first visit, with an injection my hand is back to normal 100%. I have been recommending them to all my coworkers. Wish my others doctors were like them.

Jason G.

I injured myself at work and damaged a nerve in my right index finger. Dr. Lopez was my surgeon and he was great. I’m slowly receiving feeling back into my finger , but if doctor Lopez would not have acted quickly on the repair, the loss of complete feeling could have been permanent. I was treated very well by his VERY ATTRACTIVE staff and although it was the first time I’ve ever had any kind of surgical procedure done on me, they made it very comfortable for me. Thank you ladies!!! Oh and you to doc.

Daniel Hernandez

Great service Dr. Lopez is nice and friendly he helped me with my carpal tunnel syndrome I would recommend him to others