Finger Dislocation

Finger Dislocation

Finger Dislocation Specialist in Houston, TX

With all of their constant use, it is no surprise at how often the fingers experience an injury. Individuals who harm their finger will typically experience a cut, fracture, or finger dislocation.  Severe dislocations may require additional care or surgery. Call (713) 322-0054 to schedule a consultation at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas today! Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

What Is a Finger Dislocation?

A finger dislocation refers to an injury where the finger has been displaced from its normal position, often involving the middle knuckle being jammed into an object or overextended. While many cases are mild, severe finger dislocations necessitate complex treatment from finger dislocation specialists at the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas to repair the joint.

A Common Condition in Children

Finger dislocation is prevalent among children, especially those engaged in athletics. The injury often results from poor catching techniques or awkward attempts to grab a ball. It is imperative for parents to seek immediate professional medical assistance to realign the finger, ensuring the same level of care for children as adults experiencing finger dislocation pain.

Symptoms of a Dislocated Finger

Individuals enduring a finger dislocation typically experience immediate pain in the affected area. This is followed by swelling and stiffness, with bruising likely appearing in the subsequent days. While the finger might appear crooked, this is not a universal symptom. Any numbness or tingling indicates a severe injury, necessitating urgent treatment to address potential finger joint dislocation complications.

Diagnostic Testing at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

Our finger displacement specialists can often diagnose a dislocated finger promptly based on the reported symptoms and the finger’s appearance. To confirm the diagnosis and rule out other issues like fractures, additional imaging tests such as X-rays might be required. In cases where detailed information on the hand’s soft tissues is needed, a CT scan or MRI might be ordered to assess the extent of the finger displacement.

Finger Dislocation Treatment in Houston, TX

In the majority of cases, finger dislocation specialists employ a manual technique called reduction to reposition the finger swiftly, alleviating finger dislocation pain considerably. Post-reduction, patients might experience swelling and bruising, which generally subside with the application of ice and anti-inflammatory medications.

Severe cases involving significant damage or accompanying fractures necessitate surgical intervention. If you suspect your condition requires comprehensive care, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas.


The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers diagnosis and treatment for hand, wrist, and elbow problems in Houston, using the most advanced and minimally invasive medical techniques. Our orthopedic hand specialists and hand and finger surgeons are waiting to provide you with excellent care at one of our hand care centers in River Oaks, Webster, North Houston, Katy/Sugarland, or Baytown

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