How To Pick the Best Cut Resistant Gloves

It is important to keep your hands protected while at work to avoid workplace injuries. A good way to do this is by wearing cut resistant gloves, which are designed to protect your hands from direct contact with sharp edges such as glass, metal, ceramics, and other materials.

The cut protection provided by these gloves is derived from the materials they are made of and their thickness. These types of gloves are usually made of high-performance materials or using composite yarns made with varying combinations of stainless steel, fiberglass, synthetic yarns, and high-performance yarns.

The majority of cut-resistant gloves are made to provide protection from slashes from sharp items, not puncture wounds from pointed items like needles. They are also not made to protect against powered devices or moving machinery.

There are many different gloves that are used for different things based on their materials and performance characteristics. Lighter weight gloves are typically more flexible, which results in less fatigue, but heavier gloves tend to provide with more protection against cuts. Coated gloves tend to enhance grip, however they often can’t be used to handle food.

Below you will find a list of the most popular glove materials in the market and their most common uses:

  • Dyneema: This polyethylene fiber offers maximum strength but has a light weight, which makes it easier to handle. This material floats on water and it is resistant to moisture, UV light, and chemicals.
  • Aramid Fiber: A lightweight, flexible material that is cut and flame resistant. Gloves made out of this material are usually used in automotive assembly, sheet metal handling, and glass handling.
  • Spectra Fiber: This material is lightweight, flexible, and cut resistant. Gloves made out of Spectra fiber are used in food processing, appliance assembly, food service, paper industry, and automotive assembly.
  • Metal Mesh: This material is made out of interlocked stainless steel mesh. It is often used in meat/poultry applications.
  • Steel Core: Gloves made out of this material are mostly used for meat/poultry processing, glass handling, metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, and in the paper industry.
  • SuperFabric: These gloves offer coated surfaces for improved grip of wet and oily materials.

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