Get to Know: Dr. Mark Khorsandi

When you visit Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas, you can rest assured that Dr. Mark Khorsandi is truly dedicated to his craft and is well trained to take care of your hand problems.

“I am happiest when I know the treatment/care I have rendered to a patient has made a significant improvement in their life,” said Dr. Khorsandi when asked about the most satisfying part of his job.

Dr. Khorsandi decided to become a hand surgeon while training in residency. When working on call at the E.R. during his residency he would see a lot of hand trauma/injuries come in. Most of his fellow residents would try to avoid seeing these patients due to the complexity of their hand injuries, but Dr. Khorsandi found the treatment of hand injuries fascinating and would always volunteer to see these patients. Later on, he met the first surgeon to perform a hand transplant in NYC and was invited to train with him as a fellow.

Dr. Khorsandi’s favorite quotes include: “Title does not dictate knowledge” and “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It is no wonder then that he enjoys reading, traveling and learning about the world around us during his free time. He also likes spending time with his family, relaxing and participating in sports activities.


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