5 Fun Facts About the Hand and Arm Bones

  1. The hands (including the wrists) are the body part with the most bones – Each hand has 27 bones, and together they have 54 bones. That represents over 25% of the total amount of bones in the human body!
  2. Arms are usually the most commonly broken bones among adults. If broken, most bones will re-grow and repair themselves, with the help of a cast to keep them straight. It is of outmost importance to visit a trained hand specialist to aid with the proper treatment of broken hand/arm bones.
  3. The bones of the entire body are made up of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, collagen, and various minerals.
  4. The majority of our bones have a strong outer layer, a spongy middle part full of air, and an inside made up of a soft tissue substance called bone marrow. The bone marrow produces red blood cells and lymphocytes, an essential part of our immune system.
  5. The movement of the metacarpal bones by tiny muscles in the hand makes the palm stretch, compress, or fold as needed.

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Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

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