15 Hand Injuries To Avoid This Summer

The lazy hazy days of summer are upon us. We should be relaxing and enjoying a respite from work projects, but “honey do” projects never seem to end. If you are planning to expand your deck, put up a fence, or just do gardening chores, watch out for 15 hand injuries to avoid this summer so you can complete those projects safely.

Lawn Maintenance Hand Injuries

This summer in particular, we all want our grass green, our hedges cut, and weeds pulled. Easy to say, but it takes ongoing maintenance. When doing this type of work, we should always be utilizing gloves and other protective measures to prevent wounds from mower blades, bites from insects, and cuts from pruning shears and other trimming tools.

Be especially careful when cleaning out a clogged lawn mower, chain saw or trimmer that the blades don’t turn unexpectedly and cut you.

doctor examining patient hand for injury

Repetitive motions from pruning can cause damage to fingers and wrists causing them to become numb and tingle. Best practice is to always shift from one activity to another especially when you begin to have such symptoms.

Gardening Hand Injuries

When planting, weeding, or performing other garden activities, it is easy to get wrapped up in what you’re doing and not pay attention to insects like bees and wasps. Yes, we want them in our gardens, but we don’t want to be bitten by them.

Digging and weeding can cause punctures from thorns, sharp stones or debris. Once a puncture is made, bacteria can enter our bloodstream leading to infections. Wearing tough work gloves is always recommended.

Injuries From Those “Honey Do” Projects

Building projects in your backyard are injuries just waiting to happen. Power tools must be handled properly to avoid lacerations. Gripping a power tool for a long period of time can result in tingling and numbness from the vibration. Vibrations can damage the nerves in your hand causing reduced agility and fine motor skill problems.

Food Prepping And Grilling Injuries

Slicing injuries can occur when someone tries to separate frozen burgers with a knife or slice buns in their hand instead of on a level table.

Always use long tongs to protect your hands while grilling food to prevent burns. You can be burned at a fire pit if you or children get too close.

Leisure Activities

Golfing, tennis, and other racket sports are common in the summer. Golfing and tennis elbow can occur when tendons become overworked from repetitive motion during practice and playing.

Trigger finger is prevalent with many racket sports causing swelling of the finger tendons leading to a locking of the finger joint.

Wrist sprains, dislocations, and falls occur from riding scooters or a bike and skateboarding. Always wear a wrist guard to prevent sprains should you fall.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy the warm weather, but take proper precautions to enjoy your summer safely.

Contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas if you experience an injury to your hand or wrist this summer.

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