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Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies has been dealing with an elbow injury for several months. Now it is the off season, and the question is will it require surgery?

What is Bryce Harper’s elbow injury? Bryce Harper has an medial collateral ligament injury of the elbow

What is a medial collateral ligament injury? A Medial collateral ligament of the elbow is an injury to the inside part of the elbow where it bends. It is an important ligament that stabilizes the elbow joint. It is the most important ligament for throwing. When the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow is injured it usually means that the elbow is unstable, and does not move like it should, thereby causing pain.

What is the difference between a partial tear and a complete tear of the medial collateral ligament? Partial tears indicate that part of the ligament is still attached, and has a better chance to heal versus a complete tear which is more serious, and most likely will not heal on its own.

Can you get an injection for ulnar collateral ligament tears? It was reported that Bryce Harper had a PRP injection of the ulnar collateral ligament. A PRP injection or platelet rich protein injection is aimed at trying to heal the partial ligament injury. The PRP injection is an injection in which you separate the platelet portion of the blood from the rest, and use it to inject. The Platelet rich portion contains growth factors and other properties to help heal an injured area.

Who was known for being one of the first baseball players reported to have his ulnar collateral ligament repaired? Tommy John was one of the first reported and the surgery is sometimes referred as Tommy John surgery.

Can you make a full recovery from Ulnar collateral ligament repair of the elbow? Dr. Khorsandi of Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas says,
“Yes, many players have successfully returned to the professional level after having undergone surgery for repair of the medial collateral ligament of the elbow. Take Justin Verlander for instance, and the amazing year he had in 2022.”

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