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11 Tips for Your Smooth Tommy John Surgery Recovery

Elbows are under attack. That’s why more than 1,800 semi-professional and professional athletes have had at least one Tommy John surgery. Thousands of other Americans have had the surgery after months of intense elbow pain. You should consider the procedure if you’re dealing with pain and discomfort in your arm. But you shouldn’t rush into having it. […]

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How to Prevent a Repetitive Strain Injury from Your Favorite Sport

Are you still suffering from repeated injuries in your favorite sport? Do you keep trying to return to the field or court but find yourself sidelined by injuries? There is no doubt about it. Continuing a train of injuries can be one of the most frustrating experiences as an outdoor enthusiast and athlete. When you […]

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Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction: What Does It Mean?

Did you know that over 85 percent of patients who undergo ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction recover fully? The technique has been nicknamed the Tommy John surgery and for good reason – it was first used on the famous baseball pitcher in 1974. Professional athletes are not the only ones inflicted with throbbing elbow pain. Work and overuse injuries […]

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Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Only about 5 percent of tennis elbow cases are actually caused by playing tennis. The majority of people who come down with tennis elbow, formally called lateral epicondylitis, get it as the result of everyday activities at work or home. Because lateral epicondylitis has become popularly associated with tennis, many non-tennis players assume it can’t happen […]

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Thrown Out: The Most Common Elbow Injuries Experienced by Athletes

There are certain aspects of our bodies that we take for granted. We go about our lives, moving however we choose, without thinking about how fortunate we are that everything works the way it should. Athletes, on the other hand, know that one small change or dysfunction can make a world of difference. For them, […]

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