Olecranon Bursitis

Olecranon Bursitis

Chronic Elbow Pain Treatment in Houston, TX

If you are experiencing swelling and chronic elbow pain, it might be a case of olecranon bursitis. Our olecranon bursitis specialists at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas are here to help, offering expert diagnosis and a range of olecranon bursitis treatment options. Call (713) 322-0054 to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Houston, Baytown, or Katy, Texas. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

What is Olecranon Bursitis?

Olecranon bursitis, a condition often identified by the swelling of the bursa sac at the elbow joint, can cause significant discomfort and restrict movement. Our olecranon bursitis specialists are experienced in diagnosing and treating this condition, helping to alleviate olecranon bursitis symptoms and restore normal function to the elbow.

Causes of Olecranon Bursitis

Understanding the causes of olecranon bursitis is the first step in treatment. It can occur due to a variety of reasons including injury, prolonged pressure, or underlying health issues. Identifying the exact cause can sometimes be challenging, but our specialists are here to help pinpoint the source and offer targeted treatment of olecranon bursitis.

Signs and Symptoms

Olecranon bursitis symptoms can vary but often include swelling at the tip of the elbow and mild pain. In some cases, infection can occur, leading to increased tenderness and warmth in the area. Recognizing these symptoms early can facilitate a quicker and more effective olecranon bursitis treatment.

Diagnosing Olecranon Bursitis

Our olecranon bursitis specialists are skilled in diagnosing this condition, often through physical examinations and blood tests. They may also recommend an X-ray to check for bone spurs that might be causing discomfort. Determining whether the bursa is infected is a crucial part of the diagnostic process, guiding the subsequent treatment plan.

Treatment Options in Houston, TX

Depending on the severity and the cause of your olecranon bursitis, our specialists will tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Nonsurgical Treatments:

  • Protective pads for the elbow
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Fluid removal from the bursa for testing and symptom relief

Surgical Treatment:

  • Bursa removal for persistent or frequently recurring cases

Our approach to the treatment of olecranon bursitis always starts with the least invasive options, progressing to surgical solutions only if necessary.

Contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas Today

If you are experiencing olecranon bursitis symptoms such as swelling and pain in the elbow, don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule an appointment with our olecranon bursitis specialists today to discuss diagnostic testing and potential treatment options.


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