5 Extremely Common Symptoms Of Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition causing discomfort and pain in your hand and finger, but no, it doesn’t occur from practicing your shooting skills at a state fair or at the range. Known medically as stenosing tenosynovitis, it affects the tendons in your hand. If you suspect you may have it, here are 5 extremely common symptoms of trigger finger.

Trigger Finger

Also known as “trigger thumb,” both of these terms describe the same kind of condition. It occurs when the sheath or covering of a finger’s tendon gets inflamed or irritated. The tendon can’t glide easily within the sheath, and without treatment, scarring, thickening, and a bump or nodule can develop.

It limits the movement of the affected finger causing pain and tenderness making it difficult to move, bend, and unbend your finger.

Trigger finger can affect any finger, more than one finger, fingers on both hands, and also seems to be more noticeable in the morning.

Risk Factors For Trigger Finger

Trigger finger can develop from repetitive gripping like playing a musical instrument. Women seem to be more susceptible to this condition, plus those afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, gout, or it can occur after carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

Extremely Common Symptoms Of Trigger Finger

There are a number of common symptoms of trigger finger and they include the following:

man having problem trigger finger.

  • Pain and tenderness in our finger which makes it difficult to bend
  • Stiffness in a finger
  • Snapping or popping sound when bending or moving your finger
  • Lump or nodule at the base of a finger or thumb
  • Bent finger which is difficult to move or straighten

In addition, you may be unable to unbend your finger without using your other hand in some severe cases. In advanced cases a finger or thumb may be locked in a bent or straight position. Sometimes both the thumb and finger may be locked.

Treatments For Trigger Finger

Simple rest may ease the symptoms of mild trigger finger, especially if you stop doing the activity that caused the condition. A nightly splint can also help to rest the tendon. OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory meds can help with the pain and discomfort. Unfortunately that won’t cure the swelling and irritation in the sheath of the tendon.

Steroid injections can relieve the symptoms for up to a year, but sometimes surgical intervention is necessary.

Contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of trigger finger.

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