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How to Alleviate Wrist Pain With an Ergonomic Keyboard for Carpal Tunnel

If your daily job involves hours of sitting at a computer, you have no doubt heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. You may be surprised to learn that this syndrome is not limited to typists. Approximately five percent of adults suffer from this repetitive stress injury. Carpal tunnel Syndrome is also known as CTS or even just wrist […]

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How Long Is the Recovery From Carpal Tunnel Surgery? Everything You Should Know Before Your Appointment

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or suspect that you might be suffering from it, it’s important to recognize what options you have for treatment and surgery. Perhaps you’re also wondering how long is recovery from carpal tunnel surgery? And how long will it be before you can resume normal activities? Experiencing […]

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How Does Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery and Recovery Work?

From typing on our phones to opening doors we use her hands every day for simple tasks. Imagine going through every day where simple movements cause you sharp pain. People with carpal tunnel syndrome experience this severe pain throughout every day in the median nerve of their hand. Although home remedies and behavioral changes can […]

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7 Essential Tips to Help With Carpal Tunnel Recovery

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a very common condition, thought to affect up to 10 million Americans. It’s painful and can cause serious interference with day-to-day life. A diagnosis of any painful health condition can be distressing, particularly one which interferes with functionality and sensation. Various conditions can cause similar symptoms, so it’s essential to get […]

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Carpal Tunnel vs Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been managing varying degrees of hand, wrist, elbow, and arm pain, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time browsing the internet looking for the answers to your problems. You may have come across two potential diagnoses: carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel. While they’re similar in name (and even in the presentation) they’re […]

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