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7 Essential Tips to Help With Carpal Tunnel Recovery

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a very common condition, thought to affect up to 10 million Americans. It’s painful and can cause serious interference with day-to-day life. A diagnosis of any painful health condition can be distressing, particularly one which interferes with functionality and sensation. Various conditions can cause similar symptoms, so it’s essential to get […]

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15 Effective Wrist, Hand and Finger Exercises for Preventing Injuries

Your hands, fingers, and wrists are an important part of your daily life. We use them every day for almost any task. Driving, cooking, typing, using a phone, reading a book, picking up our children all require healthy hands and wrists. Injuries and pain in your hands can be incredibly debilitating, so it is important to […]

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Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Only about 5 percent of tennis elbow cases are actually caused by playing tennis. The majority of people who come down with tennis elbow, formally called lateral epicondylitis, get it as the result of everyday activities at work or home. Because lateral epicondylitis has become popularly associated with tennis, many non-tennis players assume it can’t happen […]

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