6 Ways to Avoid High-Tech Hand Injuries

Hand injuries and problems related to the use of high-tech devices such as gaming consoles, cellphones, and tablets have become more common in recent years as the use of these gadgets becomes more popular. While the mere use of electronic devices is not usually the sole cause of certain hand problems, it can certainly contribute to the development and progression of hand injuries. So, how does one stay on the safe side when using high-tech devices on a daily basis?

  • Don’t put all the strain on your thumb! When texting, emailing, or scrolling on your phone or tablet, alternate fingers and don’t just use your thumb. This will help divide the work between ten fingers and not just two thumbs.
  • When using a device with buttons or keys, don’t push down so hard. Most devices do not require you to press hard on the buttons and it will save you from putting too much strain on your hand nerves.
  • Fix your posture when sitting down. When you slouch while using a handheld device, you are more likely to strain your elbows and wrists.
  • When possible, support handheld devices on a hard surface instead of holding it in one hand while using to other to scroll.
  • Switch the hand you use to type or scroll, that way you will distribute the stress over two hands.
  • Put it down. Take a break from using your handheld devices and use this time to briefly stretch your hands if you feel any strain.

If you are experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in your hands even after following the above suggestions, do not hesitate to visit a hand specialist to get  proper diagnosis and treatment.

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