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3 Hand Conditions to Be Aware Of

Many people have heard of trigger finger or carpal tunnel, but there are other lesser-known (but still common) hand conditions that many people have never heard of before. Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Dupuytren’s Disease, and De Quervain’s Tendonitis are three hand conditions that we treat often here at Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas. If you’ve ever gone out in cold […]

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Top 4 Strengthening Exercises for Your Wrists

March is National Athletic Training Month. Spearheaded by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, their 2017 slogan is “Your protection is our priority.” At the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas, we share these sentiments as the protection of your hands are our number one priority. After all, they are your most valuable tools! Strengthening your wrists is a […]

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The Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers diagnosis and treatment for hand, wrist, and elbow problems in Houston, using the most advanced and minimally invasive medical techniques. Our orthopedic hand specialists and hand and finger surgeons are waiting to provide you with excellent care at one of our hand care centers in River Oaks, Webster, North Houston, Katy/Sugarland, or Baytown

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