How To Give a Hand Massage

By being able to give a good hand massage you could help a loved one relax and unwind after a long day or in times of stress. Follow the steps below to learn how to properly massage the hands for healing and relaxing:

  • As form of preparation, make sure you remove all rings, watches, bracelets, etc. and rub your hands together in order to warm them.
  • Choose a massage medium of your and your partner’s liking. This can be some sort of massage lotion or oil.
  • To begin, rub the massage medium on your hands and gently cradle your partner’s hand with both of yours (above and beneath), then draw your hands away to create a stroke effect. Do this a few times.
  • Apply a little more lotion or oil on your hands and move them along your partner’s arm all the way up to the elbow. Repeat this a few times until the medium is fully blended into the surface of their skin.
  • At this point, it is recommended to stretch your partner’s hand by interlocking your pinkies with your partner’s hand: one with their little finger, one with their thumb. Then, bring your other fingers underneath the hand to support it and open the hand to stretch the palm. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Now, rub your hand in a gentle squeezing motion to tease the muscles from the wrist to just beneath the elbow.
  • Time to begin massaging the hands. Start by rubbing the top of the hand gently with a circular motion using all four fingers, working from the wrist to the base of the fingers and then to the tips of the fingers.
  • Use your thumb to apply pressure to the top of the hand and massage it with an up and down motion, again from the wrist to the tips of the fingers.
  • Now turn the hand over and apply a little more lotion or oil into the palm. Place your thumb into the palm of your partner’s hand with your four fingers on the other side of the hand. Then, press around the palm using your thumb in a circular motion, working your way from the base of the palm to the fingertips.
  • Apply pressure around each joint with your thumb. Then, make your hand into a fist and grip each finger between two of your fingers, stretching it gently to ease the joints.
  • Finally, sandwich the whole hand between your palms and press them together firmly for a couple of seconds. Release the pressure and slide your hands off slowly. Repeat a couple of times.
  • Repeat all steps with your partner’s other hand!

Be sure to always moderate the pressure to what is comfortable for your partner. If you or your partner are experiencing hand pain or numbness, do not attempt a massage and consult a hand specialist.

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