How to Relieve Motorcycle Throttle Hand Pain

If you ride your motorcycle on a regular basis you might be experiencing some hand pain during and after your ride. This is a common malady for frequent riders known as “throttle hand pain” because it is often caused by holding the throttle on your motorcycle at a specific angle to maintain speed. Throttle hand pain can become a problem regardless of how your two-wheeled transport’s throttle may be activated; either by twisting your wrist, as in most motorcycles, or with a thumb lever, as on many scooters and ATV’s.

In order to relieve and/or prevent motorcycle throttle hand pain, try the following:

  • Stretching: stretch your hands, wrists, arms and finger before going on a ride. Do it every time your stop for a break as well.
  • Massage: give yourself a hand massage to alleviate the pain or ask someone to do it for you. You can find some great tips for hand massage here.
  • Shake it off: When your hands start feeling sore, hold them loosely at your sides and shake vigorously.
  • Relax: when riding, make sure you hold the grips as loosely as possible and try not to lean against the handlebars. All that pressure adds extra tensions in your hands and wrists.
  • Padding: wear padded gloves and change to softer handle grips with extra padding, this will help absorb vibration and reduce shock to your hands.
  • Specialty products: buy throttle control paddles or purchase a cruise control system.
  • Higher handlebars: higher bars mean less pressure on your wrists.
  • Visit a hand specialist: never ignore hand and wrist pain because it can result in a serious condition. If the pain persists or becomes more bothersome visit a hand specialist to get a professional diagnosis and start the path to riding pain-free.

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