How to Treat Hand Tears

If you’ve been doing gymnastics, crossfit, or another kind of intensive training, then you’ve probably experienced some kind of hand problems like callouses or even hand tears or rips. While preventing hand injuries is always important, there is always a chance for the skin in your hands to tear, in which case you should know how to treat your injuries for speedier and better healing:

Step 1: Clean The Wound

As soon as you feel that you have torn your hands during a workout, stop the workout and head to the nearest bathroom to wash and clean the wound. It will hurt, but you have to be brave and wash your hands with soap and water. Make sure you thoroughly wash off all of the chalk, dirt, and other particles.

Next, apply a good antibiotic ointment like Neosporing to the wound and keep it covered.

Don’t forgot, as a courtesy to others, to clean the equipment you were using when the tear occurred, as well as other equipment you had touched.

Step 2: Protect The Wound

Over the next few days, you will need to protect the wound to allow it to heal properly. During the day, apply Neosporin and cover the wound with Band-Aids or bandage. At night, before you go to bed, wash your hand with soap and water, apply Neosporing, and cover the wound with bandage tape.

If you plan to work out while your wound is healing, make sure you keep it covered at all times and wash your hand after every work out.

Remember that your hands will need a few days to recover, so give yourself time to heal, even if that means avoiding certain workouts that might further the injury.

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