Keep Your Kids’ Hands Safe This Summer!

School is finally winding down for summer vacation! Kids have an entire summer to run and jump, and…injure themselves.

While it is true that hand and wrist conditions are most prevalent in adults, there are several risk factors for children and teens that contribute to hand injuries. Hand injuries in adolescents, if not properly cared for, can cause more severe problems in adulthood.

What’s A Scaphoid Fracture?

The scaphoid is one of eight small finger bones that collectively make up the carpal bones. It is vulnerable because of its location in the hand; the scaphoid connects two sets of bones, and it is located just under the thumb, above the wrist. Most scaphoid fractures occur after falling on an outstretched hand.

You can identify its location by making a “thumbs up” sign; the hollow space that appears between the bottom of the thumb and the wrist is the scaphoid.

Is My Child at Risk for Scaphoid Fracture?

In recent years, overall hand and wrist injuries in children and teens have become much more similar to the conditions typically seen in adults.
Playing sports is the biggest cause of hand and wrist pain in younger people. Scaphoid fracture, specifically, is the most common injury.

Young gymnasts are among those most likely to fracture the scaphoid bone. Other activities with high risk for scaphoid fracture include rollerblading and snowboarding. This makes sense when you think about what usually causes a scaphoid fracture: a fall on an open hand.

How Do I Prevent A Scaphoid Fracture?

Hand and wrist guards can be very helpful when it comes to engaging in sports that are high-risk for injury. Hand and wrist doctors recommend stretching the hands and wrists to warm up before physical activity. Using good, proper form when practicing any kind of sport will also help prevent serious injury.

Any hand issues that develop in children and teens need to be diagnosed by a fellowship-trained hand specialist. At the Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas, our hand and wrist physicians examine and treat your injuries with unmatched expertise.

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