Sleight of Hand: 3 Easy Magic Tricks

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, alakazam! Break out your favorite magician catchphrase—you’re going to need it after reading this guide of 3 easy sleight-of-hand magic tricks. It’s amazing to see what types of magic tricks your hands are capable of! Check out our list and tell us your favorite magic trick.     

The Money Maker Trick  

For this trick, you’ll need a dollar bill and a quarter. Hold the dollar bill by its edge, pinching it with your index finger and thumb, the index finger facing the audience. On the side facing you, hold a quarter in between the dollar and your thumb. You can grab the other side of the dollar and snap the bill a couple of times to “prove” to the audience that there’s nothing tricky going on. Fold the bill in half so the edge that isn’t hiding the quarter lines up with the edge that is. Fold it in half again, then shake out the bill (after using your magic words, of course) and the quarter will fall out. To the audience, it will look as though it’s appearing from nowhere!

The Coin through the Hand Trick

You’ll need two coins for this trick—any two coins as long as they’re two of the same type (two quarters, two nickels, two pennies, etc.). Lay your hand flat and hide one of the coins in the crack between your thumb and your hand. Make sure the coin isn’t sticking up above your hand. Try to let your hand rest as naturally as possible (make sure it isn’t stiff as a board) and tilt the side hiding the coin slightly up toward you (so the rest of your fingers block the audience from seeing the coin on the underside of your hand). Hold the other coin by pinching it with your thumb on one side of the coin and your index, middle, and ring fingers holding the front. Tell your audience that you’re going to transfer your coin through your hand. For dramatic effect tap the coin on your hand in several places, telling the audience you’re looking for your soft spot. Finally, tell the audience you’ve found the soft spot, and count to three, gently tapping the back of your hand with each number. When you get to three, tap the coin onto your hand and discreetly (and quickly) slide your fingers down to cover the coin and hide it in your palm. At the same time that you count number three, drop your hidden coin. If you practice often enough, you should be able to hide the first coin and drop the second in one fluid motion, thus giving your audience the illusion that the coin went through your hand!

The Rise to the Top Trick

For this trick, you’ll need a deck of cards. When the audience isn’t looking, secretly take one card and hide it in your palm. This will be your decoy card. We recommend taking an inconspicuous card like the three of hearts so that your audience likely won’t notice that it’s missing from the deck (like they would with an ace or a joker). If you’re sitting down at a table, you can place the decoy card in your lap while the rest of trick is being set up. Have an audience member shuffle the deck and cut it into three piles—one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle. Have them choose a card from the deck, look at it without showing you, and memorize it. Then have them put the card face down on top of either the right or left pile. Here’s where the magic comes in. Tell the audience member that for the magic to work, he or she needs to slap each pile. Tell them you’ll demonstrate first. Take the decoy card and hide it in your palm, then slap the pile with the audience member’s chosen card. As you do this, let go of the card in your hand so it lies flush on top of the pile. Then slap each remaining pile and have the audience member do the same. Practice this move often before performing so the motion will be quick and undetectable. Now, take the decoy card off the top of the deck without showing it to your audience and without looking at it yourself. Tell the audience that this is their chosen card, and you’re going to bury it in the deck. Move it to the top of one of the other piles, then stack the pile that does NOT contain the chosen card on top of that, and repeat with the remaining pile so that the audience member’s card is on top of the deck. Slap the deck one more time, say some magic words, then reveal the chosen card to the audience and await your applause.

Bonus: The Bunny From a Hat Trick

Of course, we couldn’t conclude this blog without teaching you one of the oldest tricks in the book: pulling a rabbit from a top hat. This one isn’t necessarily a sleight-of-hand trick, but it’s a great one nonetheless. For this trick, you’ll need two tall, black hats, a scarf or handkerchief, and a bunny rabbit. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to start out with a stuffed rabbit. If you do choose to use a live rabbit, handle it gently. An upset rabbit may bite your hand! (But luckily for you, we can handle any type of hand emergency—rabbit bites and all.) Before your performance, cut out the bottom of one of the hats. Put the rabbit in the other hat, and place the cut-out bottom on top of it so it conceals the bunny and makes the hat look empty. Tilt your hat carefully toward the audience, showing them that the hat is empty. Wave the scarf or handkerchief over the hat, and say your magic words. Then, reach into the hat, quickly lift up the false bottom, and pull the rabbit, revealing it to your spectators. The audience will be amazed!

Mastering sleight of hand is crucial for impressing your friends and finding success as a magician. With this skill at your disposal, you’ll be amazed at what tricks you can perform. Next, you’ll be pulling bunnies out of hats and scarves out of your ears. What’s the coolest sleight-of-hand magic trick you’ve ever seen?

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