How to Handle Overuse Injuries as a Musician

Bob Dylan can speak to the tragedy of overuse. After nearly sixty years of playing his own guitar accompaniment onstage, the legendary folk musician sits placidly behind a piano, sparing his arthritic fingers from the abuse that is the frequent fate of excessive guitar playing. On rare occasions, Dylan will step up to the microphone for a special rendition of […]

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Limited Range of Motion: Causes and Solutions for Hand Joint Mobility

About 61 million Americans (1 in 4 US adults) have an orthopedic injury that can be disabling. About one in seven adults has the most common disability type: mobility. If you’re experiencing hand joint mobility issues, you’re not alone. What’s limiting your hand’s range of motion? Is it possible you have a hand disorder? Keep […]

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How Does Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery and Recovery Work?

From typing on our phones to opening doors we use her hands every day for simple tasks. Imagine going through every day where simple movements cause you sharp pain. People with carpal tunnel syndrome experience this severe pain throughout every day in the median nerve of their hand. Although home remedies and behavioral changes can […]

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